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Review: Sin Alley - Detroit 442
Band: Sin Alley
Album: Sin Alley
Genre: Trash
Review done by: Roy

May 1996. Produced by Walter Broes. Demolition Derby. Single CD, or double colored vinyl single contain 5 songs.
Last sunday I had the chance to see Sin Alley live again. The hall was not exactly packed (only 20 ppl), but the band played very good. They recently recorded a new single CD/ double vinyl single. The vinyl is pretty cool, one blue, and one red single, and a nice picture in the middle of the outlet. The new recording contains 5 tracks: Detroit 442, Money, White Trash Mama, Swanker, and The guy can't dance. The songs have the power which you can expect of Sin Alley. Especially Detroit 442. The song Money (of the Sonics) is sung with such wildness that it's almost even better than the original. Yes, Martine is a wild one... Listen to a soundsample of 30 seconds of Detroit 442.


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