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Review: Nekromantix - Demons are a girls best friend
Band: Nekromantix
Album: Nekromantix
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

I was very fortunate to receive the new CD of the Nekromantix just before the Rumble. I've been listening to it now for quite some time. To me it's very different from previous released CD's. It's still very Nekromatix, but they really did their best to change some ingredients of the sound. The CD contains a lot of balad-like psycho songs, which sound really good when you listen to them a few times. Actually I begun to like the balads the best on the CD. My favorites of the CD are Love at first bite, Last night I saved an angel, and sea of red. Some of the songs have some metal influences. Listen to a soundsample of the song Demons are a girls best friend There's a chance in the Nekromantix' lineup since the new album came out. The members are now: Kim Nekroman - Coffin Bass + Vocal, "Pete Sandorf - Guitar + Backing Vocal, Kristian Sandorf - Drums. "Pete Sandorf is the former Nekromantix guitarist who appeared on the bands first 2 albums.


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