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Review: Demented are Go - Who put Grandma under the stairs
Band: Demented are Go
Album: Demented are Go
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

Demented are Go live, sounds very much like live in the studio, and not in a concert hall. Anyway, the sound of the cd is very good, and you get a real good impression of what Demented sounds like live. And yes to all those Americans that keep emailing me, it's Mark Philips original voice you hear on the album, he doesn't use a distortion. The album contains 24 songs, with 1 previously unreleased songs, "red river bloody staircase". Most of the other 23 songs are classic Demented songs, that you'll always hear live at a concert of them. The album contains a briliant version of Mongaloid, a cover of one of the first electronic bands Devo. Of course Demented plays the song totaly different and a little faster. The cd is a musthave for all Demented fans.


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