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Review: Gecko Brothers, The - Demolition of the Rehabilitation
Band: Gecko Brothers, The
Album: Gecko Brothers, The
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Hankabilly

Nice one to fill the first thirteen seconds of your album with a guy pondering the question of women.
Positively known, or should I say notorious, band The Gecko Brothers get right down to business with the track FUNNY FEELING. Not psycho, but hardcore or somewhere in between. Raw speedrock? Who cares, it sound bloody great.

The brand new songs work really well. Dirty and sleazy hardcore, not for wimps.
On guitar no other than the Penguin, otherwise the same line up, the same brothers.
Mad Sin should be jealous of this CD. It sounds very convincing.

You could describe it as the Brothers getting on a raving high-speed train without any stops, luggage or emergency brakes. This is finger-lickin' stuff for speedfreaks and speedrock psycho fans. STUCK IN STUCKCITY is a thunderous song. Definitely my favourite.
As the train is approaching its destination you?ll hear Tequilla In The Bluegrass, a hippie song with banjo, followed by a bonus track. This train roars on long after the CD has ended.

This release proves once again that Drunkabilly records have more guts and taste than Epitaph.
Rock and roll mood hardcore? It?s not me making this stuff up, but we have to call it something to separate it from hardcore speedrock, which has been repeating itself for years now. The Gecko Brothers are unique in speed, aggression, breakdowns and lyrics.



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