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Review: Tombstones - Twang from the grave
Band: Tombstones
Album: Tombstones
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Hankabilly

Tombstones was founded in 1985 by frontman and guitarist Stevie Tombstone from Atlanta.
The CD is not what one would hope for from this US group that initially comes across as a straightforward psycho rock band. It does not contribute in any way to the development of a celebrated music style.
I have to admit that the first song Dark As A Dungeon is a pleasant opener. At the same time the title of the former song phrases the feeling that the rest of the Tombstones album gives me quite aptly.
Rough psycho without surprises and with little aggression. What else to say, except for I?ve heard better. Twang from the grave without bodies or soul. Apparently, real psycho has to come from the UK after all. With the song Axeman Of New Orleans the CD reaches rock bottom. It leaves me neither hot nor cold.
It gets much better after this when the song Preachin Prayin Guitar Playin (released by Twilight records in 1988) sets in. Country-influenced southern rock with psycho style. Great songwriting, I have to say.
The CD is not bad, but hardly surprising. Not my cup of psycho, but at least it is one of the better CDs from the US and I am sure that the punk crowd and demons will love it, so here you go. I am looking forward to the next one.


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