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Review: 69 Beavershot - Maximum Rockabilly
Band: 69 Beavershot
Album: 69 Beavershot
Genre: Rockabilly
Review done by: Hankabilly

Do not be misled by the CD cover. This is Maxium Neo-rockabilly, dirty mean hot rod speed track rockabilly with a Gretch guitar, drums, a double bass and an electric bass. Nothing new, but very well done.
The song Gold Digger sounds cool and crazily wild. Nothing wrong at all with Speed Track either. Cavemen, the only cover - originally by Barence Whitfield - on this CD, has been turned into a frantic rhythm and blues version.
Leaking Carburetor is probably the best song on the album. The steaming guitar sound, rolling drums and slappin' bass on the track Devil Chase sound great and are supplemented with strong lyrics. The boys push themselves to the limit and the result is not half bad! The guitar sound and lyrics could be mistaken for Brian Setzer?s. Excellent! I just love those hidden bonus tracks and there happens to be one on this CD. A traditional song.
If you dig Brian Setzer; Paladins; Reverend Horton Heat; Cigar Store Indians and Belmont Playboys, then you should go out and get this CD.


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