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Review: Quakes, The - Psyops
Band: Quakes, The
Album: Quakes, The
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Hankabilly

The Quakes started in NY in 1986 and are one of the better psycho bands from the US. I?ve seen them perform live twice in Spain and both times they played impressively well and put on a great show! This band is not fading away, but coming back in a big way this year. They have produced one of the best CDs to come out this year and have a big European tour coming up.
The CD is a real Quakes album. The Quakes got something to say that's for sure. For a start, I like the title of the CD. The album has powerful songs like NOTHING TO SAY and ASHOLE IN THE EXPRESS LANE. The perfect traffic-jam song. Never Change is a little slow to my liking, too much melody, but I do like the lyrics. USA PSYCHOS sounds much better, now they are talking. They are the US psychos with great big quaffs, this stuff rocks!
The track Everything You Are has a great slappin? beat, a psycho guitar sound and very few words.
Beer and Cigarettes starts off slowly, but then - thank R&R heavens ? speeds up. Not for long unfortunately. Do like the lyrics "cigarettes are a bad combination when I'm thinking of you". Home Again is a well-written song, by Mr Paul Roman himself of course. In the next song, I Miss You, the psycho is back again. Is this another Quakes style song?
All in all, most songs are a little slow, but not bad. The acoustic guitar also sounds quite all right, even though somewhat poppy. Personally, I prefer seeing the Quakes live, full stop.
This CD is for psychobilly and rockabilly rebels and all the rebels of the good old days. The very good bonus track on it is a definite plus and if you listen to the CD ten times a day it does make you feel good. My advice therefore is to just play it on repeat all day. An underrated CD, by a pleasantly unpredictable trio from New York.


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