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Review: Hetten Des - Cowboys Con Cojones
Band: Hetten Des
Album: Hetten Des
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Hankabilly

It might be needless to say, but in the Belgian Roots scene, Koen Verbeek is a familiar face.
This band from Belgium starts off with Big River, a Johnny Cash song. Solid country. A compelling and impressive kickoff. The second song Hallelujah (Praise the lord), written by Koen Verbeek, has excellent vocals and acoustic guitar. The gospel flavoured country will definitely have you sold on this CD by now. It doesn?t get any better than the country songs coming straight from Koen?s heart. The music is perfectly calm one minute, wild the next and just proves that Hetten Des ranges among the greatest country bands in Europe.
The CD includes 5 covers and it seems that Koen has written the other 7 tracks in a trailer somewhere in Belgium.
As for the covers, you?ll also find a fine rendering of Neil Diamond?s Solitary Man, a great version of Mike Ness? The Devil In Miss Jones and a beautiful cover of Hank Williams SR?s Alone And Forsaken.
The other tracks include Y.I.C.U.R.A.B., a power country song with a high content of rock and roll, some drinkin' songs and roots music. Don?t miss Ace Of Spades and the beautiful lyrics of the last song on this album!
Martine Van Hoof (Sin Alley) added to the album with some great backing vocals.

If you dig Union Avenue, Mike Ness, Johnny Cash, Trailer Park Casanovas, Hank III, Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash, Boss Hoss and Smokestack Lightnin' you cannot go wrong with this album.
This album is for cowboys, cowgirls, true country lovers and will also go down well at any psycho barn dance party. No line-wreckin' allowed!!!



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