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Review: Caravans, The - No Mercy
Band: Caravans, The
Album: Caravans, The
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Hankabilly

The Caravans formed in 1983. 23 years and 11 studio albums later, their new album NO MERCY is melodic, yet hard to an unsurpassed level. The CD knows no mercy indeed. Once you start listening to it, you will keep on doing so and you will be surprised by each song.

Frontman Mark Penington - vocals and lead guitar - again managed to write a set of great new songs. You'll hear Lee Barnett on drums and Paul Lambourne on double slappin' bass. The album opens with PSYCHOBILLY POP STAR. A very good track. NO MERCY, the title track of the album, also is a great wreckin' song. That makes two favourites already. FREEDOM is a great song about let's say a woman with a sick brain. Another song, FAITHLESS & FACELESS, starts off like a ballad, then suddenly changes speed ? beautiful, another one of my favourites. All really gripping songs from which there is no turning back. This album goes on to another level where the last album left off. Place your head between two loudspeakers, turn up the volume and be warned.
Guitar player Jim Jeffries has formed also a band, Dark Angels, in which he sings, plays electric and acoustic guitars, banjo and mandolin ... not a bad voice.
He also play with the Death Kings on the Satanic Stomp in Speyer this year.

The Caravans could play in front of both a Rockabilly and a Psychobilly crowd, but for some reason they almost exclusively play psychobilly festivals.
To put your trust in a more or less set formula for 23 years and still get away with it, is an admirable feat. The CD comes in a miracle wrapping. The graphic design is by Mighthy Sam.



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