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Review: Cenobites, The - Snakepit Vibrations
Band: Cenobites, The
Album: Cenobites, The
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Hankabilly

Screamingly beautiful.

The boldest and coolest of "new" Rotterdam psychobilly bands has turned out its second album. Another great album by this four-man formation, including a new drummer and guitar-player, from the most prominent psycho nation on th Continent.

The chips are down and the Cenobites surpass the mark on this outstanding psycho album with an impressive dose of heartfelt male grief. Particularly effective, at full volume, after a hard day?s work. This CD has everything that explosive psychobilly needs, with its own Cenodemonic sound. Among the collection of high-quality tracks, SUPERCHARGER HEAVEN and HELLSCHOOL are my personal favourites. An extra long bones song rounds it all off nicely. This CD is a classic, hard to the bone.

Just buy it if you are up for a rare trip from rock and roll heaven to hell and back. A must have for every schizophrenic psychopath and psychobilly buff. Only on vinyl the bones song SHITLIST.



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