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Review: Southern Culture On The Skids - Plastic Seat Sweat
Band: Southern Culture On The Skids
Album: Southern Culture On The Skids
Genre: Trash
Review done by: Roy

Southern Culture on the Skids are not at all psychobilly, but an album with such a beautiful customized chair simply asks for attention. SCOTS play all kinds of styles of music, it changes from funk, rock, country, to surf. It doesn't really matter what they play, they do it with such humor, and their own southern style that their songs are always interesting. SCOTS sing mostly about the life of the average white trash living in the south of the USA (preferably on a farm). And they also do so on this album. The first song 'shotgun', is a very good opener, a song that really wakes you up. The 4th song, "Banana pudding", is an ode to this delicious desert. Anyone who is curious what banana pudding tastes like can find a recipe on the their website. My personal favorite of the album is "House of Bamboo", sang by Mary Huff. It's a silly song, but the way Mary Huff sings it, really cracks me up.


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