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Review: Phantom Rockers - Rise Up
Band: Phantom Rockers
Album: Phantom Rockers
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The Phantom Rockers are back big and with a vegenance. Their lastest effort "Rise Up" puts the punk n' roll back in psychobilly. This is different from their previous albums cause it features the arrival of Karl Morris (ex Exploited) adding a new flavor to the already highly concentrated mix. The album contains 13 tracks but only 11 are new and the other 2 are from the ESP mini CD that was limited and now sold out. So I begin with the first song "Rock n' Roll Man" contains that 77' style punk vibe that made those english punk bands famous, but it keeps it on the mid tempo side,but damn its a really good song. Their next song "Mexico" starts off with a kewl trumpet intro and then goes straight into a uptempo lead from Karl followed up by a kewl chorus and then the song keeps going straight. "Crash and Burn" follows those songs and is more on the psycho side but isnt as fast as songs from their previous albums, but its fast enough to wreck to, so it's all good. Track #4 "Rockin" is a fast tempo psycho song with a kewl little lead in middle followed by some pretty bad ass lyrics. Their track "Run For Your Life" starts off with a kewl intro that they took from a horror movie and it has something to do with werewolfs and shit, then it goes straight all psycho all the way through and has a catchy chorus. By hearing this song to me they seem to be showing their horror movies background. Then comes "Rise Up" that has this "Dont Fear the Reaper" vibe intro to it then they kick in the overdrive and bust another midtempo song about rising up from everything or something associated with that. Well that's my mentality on the song. One of my favorite songs on the cd has to be "Psycho Sick Demon Rockers" I mean it has everything crunchy guitars, a wild slapping bass, fast psycho tempo and kewl solo from Karl. What else could a psycho want more. The only other fast song on the cd besides the 2 covers (i will get to them later) is "Pain Pain Pain" which has this trot like drum beat to it. The Song "London Town" is well played song but I couldnt really get the meaning of the song. Their last original song "Perfect Girl" is a uptempo song that bascially talks about the perfect woman that every man wants. The first song "Psycho Therepy" a Ramones song is covered very well and the Phantoms add their little psycho signature to the already classic punk song. One of my favorite songs on the cd even though its a cover. Their last song "Brand New Cadillac" is covered as well as the Ramones song. They added their own style on it as the other cover song.I thought the album was done really and I am talking song wise.I thought the way they were arranged was done really well and I give kudos to the Phantom Rockers. I think 2 or 3 could of been left off the album but it's still a really good album with them. It's good to see the Phantom Rockers alive and kicking. I was worried that maybe they have fallen off the face of the earth, so if you get a chance to see them I recommend you do and pick up their album cause it's only for the sickest of sickest psychos.


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