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Review: The Meteors - Bastard Sons of a Rock'n'Roll Devil
Band: The Meteors
Album: The Meteors
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

Finally a new cd of the Meteors with 12 original songs! Special on this album is the use of a slap bass, an instrument that the Meteors didn't use since 'In Heaven' and 'Teenagers from outer space'. My favorite of the album is Kattle slut, which has a rather unfriendly title, but if you listen closer, it's an ode to psychobilly women. "Slow down you grave robbing bastard" is the single of the album. The song actually made the charts in Germany. Too bad there aren't that many Meteors fans here in Holland, because it would be great to hear the Meteors on the radio, among all these techno bands. Other great songs on the album are the instrumental song "Body count", and "Kat Killer".


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