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Review: The Amazing Royal Crowns - Self titled
Band: The Amazing Royal Crowns
Album: The Amazing Royal Crowns
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

The Amazing Royal Crowns call their music "greasy rock 'n' roll, punk rock, and rockabilly", and that's not one word too much. They sure sound like a band that's having fun making loud rock'n'roll. Probably too loud for rockabillies. Especially the singer, when he's in the mood he really shouts and screams it out like in "1965 G.T.O". They have all the rockabilly riffs, and sounds, but simply play it better and wilder so it makes it very intersting to hear this cd. There's only one disadvantage with this album, you really have the idea that the band wants to play live, and not on your cd-player. The use of a saxophone and horns really enriches the sound of the band in songs like "Do the devil", the song stays in your head for days, I really whish they'd make more songs like that one!


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