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Review: Dragstrip Demons - Rise Of The Panther
Band: Dragstrip Demons
Album: Dragstrip Demons
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

I am proud to present the debut album from Southern California's very own Dragstrip Demons. This four piece psycho treat have had people wondering when their album was coming out. But I can now say that it is here! So let's get down to the music, shall we. The opening track "El Catrin" portrays modern psychobilly at it's best. Track #2 "Graveyard" which was on their demo, is redone and sounds just as great as the demo and still maintains that raw and fast psycho attitude, which has won them much notiriety. Track #3 "Gothkiller" is just a all around psycho song with lyrics of killing goths or something like that, i mean gimme a break, the cd came with no lyrics so i have to improvise. But it's a kewl none the less. Their song "Salem" contains a rockabilly edge with a uptempo feel to it, their vocalist Manuel "Evil" Lepe shows how he could sing instead just screaming or yelling. Track #6 "The Filler Song" is just a filler song for the album, so it's an instrumental, I mean i'll be honest, iam not big fan when it comes down to intrumentals, but this has something to it and the good part about it is that you can wreck to it, so it's a double edge sword. "NC 2000" has them talking about something that I can't makeout, but it does sound kind of funny and it's only 37 secs long, so what the hell, listen to it. Then straight after, they go straight into "Rise of the Panther" which is fast and as nasty as psycho comes these days. One a lighter note let me say that this is one of the best songs on the cd. "Zombification" is another fast psycho tune that doesn't let up or even let you catch your breath, but keeps going straight and the song is even sung in spanish, kewl! One of their last songs "Psychobilly Cadillac" was also on that early demo that I recieved and was even featured on the "Gothabilly and Kicked Out Purgatory" comps. It was redone like "Graveyard" and sounds just as good. The very last song "We Bite" is the them giving homage to Horror Punks The Misfits. I have got to say that after hearing this cd 7 or 8 times that it doesn't seem to amaze me how much the Dragstrip Demons have kept to their psycho and punk roots, unlike other psycho bands that are only in it for the moment, the Dragstrip Demons are in it for the long haul. This album is a landmark for the new era of Psychobilly Music, which hopefully more will follow. So let me say that if you into the likes of Demented Are Go, Nekromantix, Meteors, The Quakes, than the Dragstrip Demons are all that and provide you with their own brand of Mexican Psychobilly.


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