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Review: Cenobites - Demons To Some... Angels To Others
Band: Cenobites
Album: Cenobites
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Johnny Graves

The very first time I had heard the Cenobites was when I caught one of their songs on the comp "Rumble Party 6." Ever since then I have hooked. When I found out that they were putting out a new album, I jumped on computer and emailed them to see if they would send me a copy (which they did, thanks guys). The day i recieved it, I must of listened to it about 5 or 6 times and it blew one of my speakers out cause the cd was so fucking kewl. The band told me that this their first full length with the new 5 piece lineup. Alright now to the review. The first song on the cd "Voodoo Beat" shows this whole other side to them. It seems to have this rockabilly/surf beat to it. Then out of nowhere it jumps into hyperdrive with "My Mission" which is a song about not believing in god or something like that. The song is very fast with metal licks in there for good measure, one of the best song on the cd. The third track "Endless Love" has this pop-rockabilly feel to it but is very uptempo. Their song "Fuck Off" is another good song that would get any kid wrecking and beating his mother up. The next track after that "I think" is a very fast and has a kewl chorus with a screeching guitar. The song that I think shows the Cenobites are versatile is "Lady Luck," which shows their musicanship and even have a female vocalist singing a duet with Dimitri. The next song "Girl in the Woods" is metal influence with a psycho edge that got me jumping out of my seat. The last song i'll mention is "Dumb Girls Don't Suck" which I thought was one of the best songs on the album besides "Lady Luck" and "My Mission." In conclusion I would like to say that this is one of the best cds that i have heard. I hope to see the Cenobites when they come to the States. I will leave you by saying that if you like fast psychobilly with metal influence than the CENOBITES will show you the way to hell!!!!


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