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Review: Nekromantix - Return of the Loving Dead
Band: Nekromantix
Album: Nekromantix
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Simon Graverobber

The album blasts in with the studio version of "Nice Day for a Resurrection" which was previously released on the "Undead'n'Live" release of last year. And what a studio version it is too! The scream at the beginning setting the tone for the album quite nicely. The album as a whole sees the band expanding on the smooth sounds of "Demons are a Girls Best Friend" (their last studio effort) with songs like "Subculture Girl" and "Return of the Loving Dead" , as well as bringing back some of that good old fashioned rockin' psychobilly that the Nekromantix has become so renowned for. "Who killed the Cheerleader" follows "Nice Day..", opening with a questionable so-cal punk riff, but pans out into an excellant Nekro tune. Then the unbelievable "Nekronauts". This tune is up there with some of my favourite Nekromantix songs and I don't think I'll be alone in that! This album is not for you purists out there though so beware...Nekromantix are sticking to their punkabilly beginnings on this one. Some others you should be sure not to miss are "Murder for Breakfast", "Generation 666" (a real Curse of the Coffin type number), and the epic "Nekronomicon". Fans of newer Mad Sin stuff will also want to check out "I'm a Hellcat". All in all an great debut to the larger market being on Hellcat records is going to give them, and an album that should keep both die hard fans and people new to the band rockin' in their headphones for months!!


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