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Review: Asmodeus - Diggin' up rhe King
Band: Asmodeus
Album: Asmodeus
Genre: Psychobilly
Review done by: Roy

Finally the new album of Asmodeus is released. I can remember that the first release of this cd was set before the festival in Calella in july 1996! So for several reasons the cd is delayed for almost two years. This gave them a lot of time to make it a perfect cd, and I think they succeded. It's not only the cd that is very good, but everything has been done with care. The artwork of the cd is amazing, it's 100% horror & psychobilly. The style reminds me most of Alex raymond (Flash Gordon) and Darrow (Hard Boiled). Anyway, it's of course the music that counts and the music has changed some since the last album. The songs are more original, better composed. The lyrics are still based on horror stories, sex, and death, but the songs last longer which give Asmodeus more time for their intros and jokes. In the song "On the trail" Amsterdams' own Liberace, Jur Scherpenzeel, owner of the Maloe Melo, shows his legendary piano work with Asmodeus.

Additional information: Count Orlok 1998. Produced by Dirk De Vries (Kong), engineered by Kaatee Tom (Junkie XL).


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