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Latest reviews

Tex Railers Doomtown - Broken Arrow
14th Jul 2016
The Rocketz - California Hell (Splatterhouse Wreckords)
2nd Feb 2016
Johnny Nightmare - Psychobilly Scarecrow (Crazy Love)
14th Jan 2016
Coffin Nails - Murder On the Orient Express (Greystone)
12th Jan 2016
The Brains - Out In the Dark (Stomp)
7th Jan 2016

All reviews

66 2nd Review #33: Phantom Surfers – “18 Deadly Ones!!!”
66 2nd Review #34: Bottlenose Koffins – “Gayzilla!”
66 2nd Review #35: Ghastly Ones – “A-Haunting We Will Go-Go”
66 2nd Review #36: KLAX – “Recycle-Billy”
66 2nd Review: Matadors – “The Devil’s Music”
66 2nd Review: VA – “California Psychobilly”
66 2nd Reviews: Brief Video Reviews of Psychobilly Albums
Astro Zombies - Frogs Legs
Banditoz Band-Rhythm-Land
Batmobile and Peter Pan Speedrock - Cross contamination
Blue Demon - High Falutin
Bollox Quiffz - Self Titled
BZFOS- Return of the Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
Cant Keep A good Man Down - The Album
Cenobites - Aftermath: The Nuclear Sessions (Rebellion)
Coffin Nails - Murder on the Orient Express
Coffin Nails - Murder On the Orient Express (Greystone)
Comp of the Living Dead
Dead Bundy and the Neat Neats-Life is hard...Death is Neat
Death Valley Drifters- Free To Roam
Demented Are Go - "Welcome Back To Insanity Hall"
Demented are Go - 'Welcome back to Insanity Hall'
Demented Are Go - Satan's Rejects
demented are go!
Demented Are Go! - Orgasmic Nightmare
doing the lord's work-the meteors
Elvis Hitler - Disgraceland
Frantic Vermin - "Right Now!" (self)
Frenzy - In The Blood
Furious - Asbo Shuffle
Go Go Killers - Sexual Disposition (self)
Graveyard Johnnys/Rampires Split EP !!!
Graveyard Psychos - RIP (self)
Guana Batz - Held Down To Vinyl... At Last
Hank 3 Hillbilly joker
Hell's Bent On Rockin' - Book review
Hellbound Hepcats - No 2.
Horton Heat -Laughin' & Cryin'
Insomniaxe - "Coming Home Drunk"
Johnny Nightmare - Here's Johnny
Johnny Nightmare - Psychobilly Scarecrow (Crazy Love)
Johnny Nightmare/Vulture Club - Split EP
Johnny Nightmare: Psychobilly Scarecrow (review)
King Kurt - Ooh Wallah Wallah (the new re-released version)
king kurt-ooowallahwallah and birth of the krewmen
Kings Of Nuthin' - Old Habits Die Hard
Koffin Kats - "Born Of the Motor" (Sailor's Grave
Koffin Kats - Drunk In The Daylight
Koffin Kats-Our Way or the Highway
Kryptos EP from Rockin' Psycho Records
Limit Club "Wild Four EP" (Phantom Cat Records)
Los Gatos Locos - Psychobilly Baptism!
Los Tiki Phantoms - Mueven El Esqueleto
Luna Vegas - From the Traveling Minstrels of Doom
luna vegas second shot
Mad Sin - "Burn and Rise" (PLY 2010)
Manic Pistoleros - s/t
Manic Pistoleros - Silver Bullet

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