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ES-FEIV back together?
Who still remembers ES-FEIV? Most of the Dutch of course. They were one of the best known bands at their time. It was also an easy name for us Dutch. In the 80's all the men were drafted for the army at the age of 18. One escape was when the docters thought you were mental. They would label you S5. If you pronounce this liturally it would be ES-FEIV in Dutch (well almost).

Anyways, last April I went to a concert of The Trashmen (one hit wonder "Surfin Bird"). There I met 2 of the band members of Toxaemia I knew from the old days. They introduced me to Jeroen Kruiswijk of ES-FEIV. I told him the world has not forgotten about his band. Especially not the psychobilly world.

Here's a brand new page for this great band at the wreckingpit:

Good news: ES-FEIV has plans to reform their old band and start recording new songs!

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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