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New Peacocks album: Gimme More
It?s somewhat ironic the best rockabilly (with the exception of Brian Setzer) seems to come from Europe. THE PEACOCKS keep that growing cliche alive by (a) coming from Switzerland and (b) putting out some killer rockabilly punk - complete, of course, with stand up bass. Despite being around for over 15 years, THE PEACOCKS are still touring like newbie?s trying to prove themselves. It warms this inveterate music fan?s heart to see the spirit of why we all do this running through their veins 24/7.

After all this hard work THE PEACOCKS finally signed to People Like You Records, one of the best non-corporate labels in the world and released their actual album "Touch & Go". "Gimme More" includes 7 unreleased Leftovers from newest recordings and the "Touch & Go" sessions. Also THE PEACOCKS included the bonus videoclip of "Gimme More". This is grassroots goods by fans for fans.


1. Half Mast Flags
2. Happened Before
3. Come On Everybody
4. Drink Alone
5. I..d rather be alone
6. Can..t keep a good man down
7. I..am not gonna tell you

Mutlimedia Bonus:
"Gimme More"

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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