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Nekromantix new guitar player
This news was forwarded by a friend. Strange to read this news while being on holiday in India. 1 out of 2 Indians make a comment on my hair. I'm going to wear a hat from now on.

Nekromantix welcomes Pete Belair, one of Australia's finest to take over guitar and back vocal duties. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Pete is known from the rockin' trio Firebird. Pete has been a long time friend of Andy DeMize and a Nekromantix fan his whole musical career. Knowing the songs beforehand have made this easy for everybody.
With members from 3 different continents Nekromantix is now a truly international trio.
With Pete's diverse guitar skills and talent we promise no Nekromantix fan will be dissappointed.

*After 3 great years TroyDestroy has decided to leave the Nekromantix to pursue his life long dream and ambition to work on his solo material.
This departure is made on good terms and Troy continues to be a supporter of Nekromantix.
Kim Nekroman wishes nothing but the best for Troy in his future endevours and will most likely be involved .
Fans of Nekromantix, and great music in general know Troy for his stellar,top of the genre Guitar playing. Keep an eye out for Troy's album in the near future.
Troy and Nekroman will continue working together on a unique one of a kind handcrafted hotrod, being built for Nekroman. A project that was started in 2006.

Nekromantix head out on tour November 13th and finish the year with three "Who Killed Santa" shows in LA and OC. For long time fans there will be a few suprises on the setlist;)

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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