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Mad Sin Australian Tour POSTPONED!
From the myspace site:

"Mad Sin Australian Tour POSTPONED!

Its words that all psychobilly fans throughout Australia never wanted to hear, but due to circumstances beyond everyones control the tour has been postponed due to practical complications.

All parties involved tried everything in their power to make this tour go ahead but were unsuccesful....But the boys will def be coming out early 2008 as it gives everyone involved more time to organise and

fix these problems at hand.

Both the band and us here at Creepshow Promotions wish to apologise to all those out there who have been counting the hours that Mad Sin grace our shores, though like stated above its a problem that is out of everyones hands but will be fixed asap for a fresh new tour in 2008.

We are currently working out ticket details and refunds for all you fine people out there who bought tickets to the shows. We are hopefully going to organise a way for you to exchange your tickets for the future shows in 2008.

For more info please contact venues and ticket sales merchants..

Creepshow Promotions


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