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THE HYPERJAX - Brand new album
News from The Hyperjax:

Rock the Casbah and Give em Enough Rope, Hitsville Beckons to The Hyperjax With release of ?The Bottom Line? album in Febuary 2007

19 December 2006 - Press Dispensary - Calling all rude boys, rockers, and
rebels. Slick back your quiffs and dust down your Gretch guitars, as UK
punkabilly Myspace? phenomenon and master of the mosh pit, Hyperjax
(http://www.thehyperjax.net), releases its album ?The Bottom Line? on
Raucous Records, in Febuary 07.

The no-nonsense northerners provide the perfect antidote to the inescapable
mundanity of seasonal pop slush. The CD?s 12 original tracks will have fans
tearing down tinsel and moshing over the mistletoe in celebration of the
band?s gutsy rock?n?roll that takes its sound beyond the generic psychobilly

Howard Raucous, of Raucous Records, says: ?The Hyperjax lads are
in-your-face punkabilly favourites with an international following. They
trash the rock 'n' roll boundaries, constantly breaking new ground and offer
a two-finger salute to the bourgeois boy-band banality of mainstream music.?

He continues: ?Hyperjax takes over where The Clash left off. This second
album, The Bottom Line, gives fans out-and-out music with muscle; full
throttle rock that?ll make their ears bleed backed by heartfelt political
savvy that shows the brains behind the brawn.?

The Bottom Line reflects the band?s left of centre sentiments, with its
title song dedicated to those made redundant by the closure of MG Rover?s
factory in 2005, and other tracks attacking the meaningless violence of the
?Adidas army? and the glamorisation of serial killers in the US.

The Bottom Line can be purchased from http://www.raucousrecords.com
Tracks can be downloaded at http://www.myspace.com/thehyperjax

Go see the band live at:

Mar 9 2007 The Tavern, (With The Grit) Wigan, Lancs
Mar 11 2007 Star and Garter (With the Grit) Manchester
Mar 16 2007 TBC, Kendal Kendal
Mar 17 2007 TBC, Kendal Kendal
May 19 2007 Monroe's Bar Workington, Cumbria
May 27 2007 Strummercamp Manchester

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