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Now out through Nervous records: Hillbilly Moon Explosion!

The legendary debut album out on Crazy Love Records: A citybilly cut'n'mix of the many forms of rockin' music delivered with a matter-of-factness that creates a sound distinctly their own: Early fifties copulation-blues delivered via garage punk, French ye-ye girl group beat via Burnette rockabilly, teenage tragedy, hillbilly heartache, tape echo and spring reverb.
Call it rock'n'roll, call it r'n'b, call it garage r'n'b - it all boils down to the simple approach of '1-2-3-4 - put on your dancing underpants and ROCK!'.

Buy: Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Introducing The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

A unique band with their very own sound, mixing Fifties Rockabilly with Sixties girl group vocals and Rock'n'roll.
The hotly anticipated second album out on Crazy Love Records! 'Bourgeois Baby' picks up where 'Introducing...' left off - only hotter, wilder, dirtier. You'll find yourself shakin' body parts you didn't even know existed in your anatomy.
'Bourgeois Baby' sees the Hillbilly Moon Explosion add some 1930s blues, a touch of C'n'W, some Italian mambo - the trademark Hillbilly Moon cut'n'mix that will always be The Real Thing: Rock'n'Roll, the unbridled beast. Hey, Emanuela may have been a bourgeois baby from a bourgeois town, but she ain't gonna let that get her down!

Buy: Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Bourgeois baby

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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