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Go Cat Go, a tribute to the Stray Cats with Batmobile, Phantom Rockers and Koffin Kats
Various Artists - Batmobile, Koffin Kats, The Rocketz, Phantom Rockers, Mad Marge, The Phenomenauts, Reel Big Fish
Go Cat Go? A Tribute To The Stray Cats

No Psychobilly or Rockabilly band can deny the influence of the Stray Cats, easily the best known rockabilly band in the world, even to this day. But psychobilly was initially created as a term for artists who rebelled from the clean cut nostalgia of the Stray Cats' radio and MTV friendly look and sound. Psychobilly bands went darker, incorporating horror movie-themed lyrics, rougher vocals and dirtier guitars and rhythms along with influences from Johnny Cash to Motorhead. Some bands have a roots rocking, surf guitar twangy sound, some have fast punk beats, some vocalists sound possessed, some sing clearly and full of range. Whether the bands look and sound accessible and friendly or they look and sound like they've been to hell and back, psychobilly music, the sound and the look, can't be mistaken for anything else in the world. On the Stray Cats Tribute album, Go Cat Go, it is understandable why psychobilly bands would want to put their own spin on songs from the Stray Cats. From Batmobile and Phantom Rockers in the old guard to current fan favorites Koffin Kats and The Phenomenauts to longtime psychobilly musician Tony Slash's The Rocketz to new breed psychobillies Mad Marge & The Stonecutters and The Astounding Roy Gorbisons, the Stray Cats classic songs are in good hands. Of special note is the cover of "Stray Cat Strut" from world renowned third wave ska act Reel Big Fish. A full artist and song list for this amazing compilation CD album is below:

Rockabilly revivalists the Stray Cats get reworked by an international line up of psychobilly and ska luminaries

Everybody wins with Go Cat Go!, an exciting introduction to not only The Stray Cats but the psychobilly movement that they both inspired and caused a reaction to with the creation of such legendary bands as The Meteors and Batmobile (track 8: "Ubangi Stomp") who have both been around almost as long as The Stray Cats.

Whether you are familiar with the Stray Cats or psychobilly, if you love good rocking music, Go Cat Go! is 15 tracks of hair-shaking beats, yell-along vocals, boot-stomping bass thumping, loud guitars and swinging rhythms.

?Go Cat Go!? is out now on Baseline Music Co. and distributed through Psychobilly*US

1) The Phenomenauts - "Cry Baby"
2) Mad Marge & The Stonecutters - "Fishnet Stockings"
3) Reel Big Fish - "Stray Cat Strut"
4) Shark Soup - "Rumble in Brighton"
5) Os Catalepticos - "Bring it Back Again"
6) G-String - "Something's Wrong With My Radio"
7) The Rezurex - "Runaway Boys"
8) Batmobile - "Ubangi Stomp"
9) The Irish Brothers - "Lust 'N' Love"
10) The Koffin Kats - "9 Lives"
11) The Rocketz - "Storm the Embassy (2005)"
12) Thee Merry Widows - "(He's) Sexy + 17"
13) The Astounding Roy Gorbisons - "Let's Go Faster"
14) The Hellbillys - "Blast Off"
15) The Phantom Rockers - "Baby Blue Eyes"

More info: www.hairball8.com

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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