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Alan Wilson (Sharks) worte a book about psychobilly: Deathrow - The Chronicles Of Psychobilly
Reading for psychobillies!

Alan Wilson wrote a book about psychobilly called: Deathrow - The Chronicles Of Psychobilly.

This book gives a tantalising insight into the underbelly of Rock 'n' Roll.... a dangerous, exciting world where Rockabilly mutated with Punk to form.... PSYCHOBILLY!

Deathrow Database was the world's only long running psychobilly fanzine and The Chronicles Of Psychobilly is a collection of all the rare and collectable original issues. The original fanzine soon became a properly printed magazine with a circulation in excess of 5000 copies per issue. The Chronicles Of Psychobilly is packed with articles on bands such as; The Meteors, The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks, Frenzy, Batmobile, Demented Are Go and many more, all harvested from the highly collectable cult music fanzine 'Deathrow Database'.

A valuable reference of events, bands, and stories for those too young to have experienced the European Psychobilly scene in its heyday and a nostalgic reminder for those who were a part of it.... and survived!

If you were or still are a psychobilly, this 382 page book is essential reading.

You can buy the book only through
Nervous records

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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