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Os Catalepticos quits!
This information is not on the website of Os Catalepticos, but can be found on a few forums. This message is sent by original members, so it's very sad news, but it's very true:

To know the right time to quit maybe is the most important and tough decision to be taken by a band. We, Os Catal?pticos, think that this is the time.

After almost 10 years on the road we realized that it?s time to quit.

And to do this in the best way nothing better than a big show in a good place with a lot of good beer and for the biggest part of the public that always supported us through all these years.

And we decided that in the upcoming Psycho Carnival besides all the others attractions we?ll do our last gig.

It will be the opportunity to thank everyone because we know that the band wouldn't survive for such a long time without your support. Today, calling a quit, we can see clearly all the help we had and true friendship we made all over the world.

We quit knowing that we made our role. And that our sound will keep on playing out there. We worked too hard through all these years and today we are proud of the this material we made so, in the future, someone can still get interested on a honest, heavy and heartfull psychobilly that we always intend to make.

If there's one real reason for this decision to be taken it's Respect. Our last year was very stressful. Once tired we put aside the most important thing for an authoral band: write songs. We went through a period where it was impossible to write new stuff and it doesn't seem honest to keep a band if we are repeating the same old songs only for our own satisfaction

In this gig we'll be saying both farewell and thanks.

Once again we state that we are ending it light hearted because we know that we made the best we could and we conquered everything we ever dreamed with, always with respect and honesty to those that worked with us and enjoy our music.

Thank you all.
Os Catal?pticos

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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