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Rumor: Demented are Go split up!
There's a strong rumor that DAG just split up. It seems that Doyle and Strangy have left the band. So Ant, Sparky and Stan are the only ones left. A fact that is in line with this rumor is that: "Demented are Go is not going to hit Scandinavia and northern Europe in november! The tour will be replaced with another big headlining act from the UK - KING KURT. It starts at the 18th of November and the last show is at the 4th of December 2005!". This is stated by the organizers of the tour Die in Style (http://www.dieinstyle.de).

UPDATE: The official website of DAG says: "2005-09-21: You've heard right, the rumours are true: For the time being, Demented Are Go split once again. Since nothing is forever, watch this space for news! The release of the new album "Hellbilly Storm" has been postponed because the album is getting remastered right now - we'll announce the release date as soon as we know it!".

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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