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The Cramps have a new album out April 13th on Vengeance records
THE CRAMPS - "Fiends Of Dope Island" - New album out April 13th on VENGEANCE RECORDS!!!

Now, a year after launching their own label Vengeance Records with six classic re-issues, The CRAMPS are releasing their first new album in over five years. On the self-produced "Fiends of Dope Island", these charm school rejects apply their sinister handiwork to a volatile combination of incantational rock'n'roll hexes like "Big Black Witchcraft Rock" and "Papa Satan Sang Louie", inject weird theremin hijinx on ?Dr. Fucker M.D.?, put their hoodlum warp on exotica standard "Taboo", and swerve and careen through crypt-kickin' blues rave-up "Dopefiend Boogie" and the rampaging ?Wrong Way Ticket", finishing off the album in a musical equivalent of a 13 car pile-up. FIENDS OF DOPE ISLAND is pure animal music ? all primal urge and J.D. madness. The CRAMPS once again prove themselves leaders in skull-fracturing rock?n?roll.

The line-up of the Cramps are Lux, Ivy, 10-year veteran mysterion DRUMDINI and one year ago initiated new bassist CHOPPER FRANKLIN (formerly MAU MAUS and MR. BADWRENCH).

In October 2001, after successfully regaining control of their back catalog, The CRAMPS exhumed their first-born and brought back Vengeance Records, their own label which originally issued the two classic singles ?The Way I Walk/Surfin? Bird? and ?Human Fly/Domino? in 1978. Having made a pact with indie distribution maverick Mordam, Vengeance Records inaugurated this resurrection with the simultaneous re-release of newly re-mastered 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Editions of six titles (including color vinyl LP releases). The mission is to spread their unholy gospel to the rest of the universe and continue releasing The CRAMPS records until beyond i n f i n i t y !

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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