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New Rochee and the Sarnos album: The Golden Dawn
Rochee and the Sarnos have a new album out called The Golden Dawn. Surf on over to the Rochee and the Sarnos website to order.

The band line up contains 3 original Sarnos from the early days, with one superb addition in the shape of Mr Nick Simonon (The man with a brain) on drums. His contribution to the new material is undeniably fabulous, and we are all pleased to have him aboard hopefully for a long while to come.

The new album contains some material that was intended to be on the follow up back in the late 1980s, and we now feel that it completes that particular part of the story - it is the Golden Dawn of a new era, one that we are very pleased to be part of again".

Here is the tracklist of "The Golden Dawn":
1. The loneliness of cars
2. Market Place
3. A song for swinging lovers
4. Defrocked Priest
5. Secret Sarno
6. We speak in shapes
7. Eat my teeth
8. Naughty Uncle Arthur
9. The Beast
10. Foot in my Sock
11. Capitano Sarno
12. Sarnos across the sea (Viva el Presidente)

More than 23 years in the making, this is one platter that needs to be in your collection, it is undeniably even worse than Understanding Sarno, which can only be a good thing right?

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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