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P.Paul Fenech new album: Skitzofenech
(Release Date: 09.05.2008)

THE METEORS frontman and Psychobilly legend P.PAUL FENECH..s 7th solo outing!! The infamous, THE METEORS founder finds time away from the group activities to unleash this hot-cracking solo album to show that he really is the guitarslinger for the Lord and doing his work beside THE METEORS in a more various way without forgetting his true love "Psychobilly" of course.

He also like to use his solo project to party with friends and guest musicians to play favorite songs or clear his head of ideas and leave it open for the pure Psychobilly that he was sent up to push to the true believers. "Skitzofenech" has all the elements of this and much more to give you a full spectrum of FENECHS musical universe. P.PAUL FENECH shows early on his amazing song writing ability and his insane guitar playing that have only gotten better with age. THE METEORS single-handedly created the bastard son of Rock..n..roll known as Psychobilly and as with the other 6. This is a must have not only for any true Psychobilly. It?s also a great place to start if your just getting into Psychobilly or even wish to go beyond. P.PAUL FENECH is constantly touring (unbelievably over 5000 live shows) and is gaining new followers wherever he plays. This time he will also tour with his solo project for a handful of shows over Europe. Try to catch him if you can. If you don..t ?. F*** OFF!


1. The Lost (P)
2. What Kind Of Spell You Use (To Hold My Demon Heart)
3. Thats Mean Of You Baby
4. A Bastards Advice
5. Just Killing Time
6. Nick And The Preacher
7. Im So Bad
8. This Fuckin World (Aint Big Enuf)
9. So Gaddamned Hot
10. One Eyed Jacks
11. Inselaffen (Stand Your Ground)
12. Damned Happy
13. Ring Of Fire
14. 32 Nightmares

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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