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New album: Tight Fitting Pants - Love Sucks
Tight Fitting Pants have a new album out called "love sucks" on Crazy Love Records

Every song is speaking about love (in fact about feelings, sex or porn). As usual Tight Fitting Pants are singing love stories, using obscene lyrics and various jokes! 12 funny songs, catchy, fast and melodic. A mix between Punkrock and Psychobilly.

Tight Fitting Pants are a 4piece psychobilly band playing since 2002. Their music is fast, punky and melodic. Since the beginning, they choose to speak about love and sex, instead of death and zombies as a proper psychobilly band. Maybe because they wanted to create something new, or maybe because they're real perverts....

Playing many shows (more than 150) in France and Europe , Tight Fitting Pants found their own space in the Psychobilly scene and decided to record a real album! They recorded a full lenth album in 2005 "obscene music for obscene people" launched in early 2006 at Crazy Love Records. 2007 was a busy year for tight fitting pants, because of the release of a new album "love sucks" at crazylove records and 2 gigs at the hollywood showdown.

Love Sucks
P. P. Chick From Tokyo
Britney's Puss
Prostitute Blues
I Wanna Be A) Lesbian
Desperate Love
Porno Star
Ayaya is a Girl
Love Doll Bop
A Night With Kelly Bundy
Erection/Masturbation/Ejaculation /
French Lovers

Artist: Tight Fitting Pants
Title: Love Sucks
Format: CD

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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