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Movie featuring JD WIlkes of Legendary Shack Shakers
Possessed by a vision similar to that of the tent-show evangelists down in Dixie, Colonel J.D. Wilkes (the charismatic frontman and songwriter for the Legendary Shack*Shakers) sets off with a camera crew to prove that the older, stranger South still exists in all of its eerie, time-worn, & gothic glory...despite the expansion of the "New South's" urban sprawl.

Along the way, he walks the backroads of Appalachia, nailing up seven signs, each one representing a different apocalyptic theme...themes which only help to reenforce the awesome thrill and dread that lie at the heart of our own "Christ-Haunted" southern heritage.

"This movie seeks to give resonance to the voices of true, southern individuals...each one unique, fearless and most importantly intelligent. This is NOT an exploitational slam-job on the South. This is about the humanity of my homeland. These are my people."

There's no official release dat jet, but there will be a an unofficial "sneak preview" on the 3oth of December in Nashville.

On the jdwilkes website you can watch the trailer.

More information:

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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