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Mad Marge & The Stonecuters
Mad Marge & The Stonecutters - Liberated!

"From the obscure and often lonely cities of the High Desert, located in San Bernardino County, California, this Rock`n`Roll four piece MAD MARGE &AND THE STONECUTTERS delivers an appealing and impacting sound with hints of Punk Rock, Psychobilly, Metal and everything in between."

In late 2004 with the demise of their previous bands, Mad Marge (Vox), Wehttam (Guitar), Passion Dan (Drums) and Edgar (Double Bass) immediately found camaraderie between one another as friends and musicians to form MAD MARGE &AND THE STONECUTTERS. Within months they became one of the hardest working bands in the Psychobilly scene that spent the next 2 years working on familiarizing the bands name and their music with anyone who would listen.


1. No Looking Back
2. Issues
3. Sickness
4. In The Name Of
5. Dial Z For A Zombie
6. Hardest Thng
7. Walk Away
8. Liberation
9. A Shadow
10. Don`t Put Up A Fight
11. Drove Me Mad

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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