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New Legendary Shack Shakers album

From the Shack Shakers page: "Swampblood marks the third and final installment of our "Tentshow Trilogy" series for Yep Roc Records. Like any trilogy, the plots and settings change while the themes remain. Just think 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', but taking place inside some god-forsaken hole, instead of outer space."

This means they have a new album out. It's called Swampblood.

1. Dawn
2. Old Spur Line
3. Hellwater
4. Easter Flesh
5. Swampblood
6. Dusk
7. Cheat the Hangman
8. Born Again Again
9. Deadenin'
10. Down and Out
11. Jimblyleg Man
12. He Ain't Right
13. Angel Lust
14. Preachin' at Traffic
15. When I Die
16. Bright Sunny South

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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