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Nekromantix FAQ
Nekromantix started a FAQ on their myspace site:

FAQ's and other useful info

Q: I am confused because it would be logical to assume that Kim Nekroman's real last name is Gaarde since that name is credited under songwriter on all albums?
A: It is correct that "Gaarde" is Kim Nekroman's alias when registering songs but wrong that assume that it is his real/legal name.
Many people think that "Kim" is a "stagename" too and the explanation to that is simple. In Denmark where Kim Nekroman is born "Kim" is a very common male name and nobody name females "Kim". Nekroman is obviously a "stagename" but is also his legal last name and the name used on his drivers license.

Q: What is the difference between "Gaarde/Sandorff/Sandorff" and "Gaarde/Sandorff" when reading under song credits?
A: The first one is when both Peter Sandorff and Kristian Sandorff is credited for the song and the second one only Peter Sandorff.

Q: What is "Peek's" real name?
A: His real name is "Sebastian"

Q: Where did Kim Nekroman get his signature Coffin Bass from?
A: He build his basses himself.

Q: I read somewhere that Peter Sandorff and Peek wasn't the first guitarist and drummer?
A: Yes that is true there were another guitarist and drummer before them. There were the first ones to be on recordings though.

Q: How many members, apart from Kim Nekroman, has there been in Nekromantix?
A: 13. Here is a list:
Guitar: Paulo Molinari, Peter Sandorff, Ian Dawn, Emil Oelund, Thormod, S?ren Munk Petersen, Troy Destroy.
Drums: Jens Brygman, Peek, Tim Kristensen, Kristian Sandorff, James Mesa, Andy Demize

Q: What do you guys use in your hair?
A: Hairspray duuude.

Q: When will you continue to blog about the history of Nekromantix?
A: As soon as I get a minutte or two to do so LOL.

Q: What kind of strings are on Nekromans Coffinbass?
A: Rotosound Strings.

Check out: Nekromantix myspace site.

Date: 1st Jan 1970


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