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Here's the news archive of 2008 until 2001.

28th Jul 2007: Rumble Club on tour
28th Jul 2007: An animation ofThe Meteors song 'Phantom Rider'
28th Jul 2007: The Peacocks on tour in Europe 2007
23rd Jul 2007: Finally on cd: Cyclone, the first of the Cyclone men
17th Jul 2007: Vote for Tiger Army in the Yahoo competition!
10th Jul 2007: The Klub has moved!
10th Jul 2007: New band: Billy Rebel
10th Jul 2007: New video: Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Live the life
10th Jul 2007: Don't miss this: Psychobilly Bash #1!
9th Jul 2007: Fireballs guitar player left the band
4th Jul 2007: The Quakes on tour 2007
3rd Jul 2007: Mad Sin in Australia
21st Jun 2007: Calella Psychobilly meeting 2007
20th Jun 2007: BANG BANG BAZOOKA new album: Hell Yeah!
11th Jun 2007: The Satanic Stomp is moving!
2nd Jun 2007: Elvis tribute (with Batmobile, Asmodeus and more)
22nd May 2007: Re-issue of the Quakes' Quiff Rock!
10th May 2007: Speedfreaks 2007
10th May 2007: Mad Dog Cole update
6th May 2007: The Brains on tour
2nd May 2007: Social Distortion best of album
1st May 2007: News from jet13 Records (Hangmen, Miniskirt Blues)
1st May 2007: Sixtyniners - Highway
29th Apr 2007: Koma Katz video - never drink wine
28th Apr 2007: New album of The Meteors: Hymns for the Hellbound
28th Apr 2007: The Creepshow on tour in Europe!
28th Apr 2007: Pictures of Tiger Army at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on 27-4-2007
25th Apr 2007: Space Cadets on tour in Germany
16th Apr 2007: Pictures of Chris Isaak and the Ragtime Wranglers in Paradiso Amsterdam
10th Apr 2007: Frantic Flintstones tribute
10th Apr 2007: Psychobilly from Chile! Voodoo Zombie
9th Apr 2007: Updated: Nekormantix page
8th Apr 2007: All the Hillbilly moon explosion videos on YouTube!
19th Mar 2007: Limited Mad Dog Cole polo shirts!
19th Mar 2007: The Legendary Shack Shakers touring Europe again!
8th Mar 2007: And who remembers... The Stringbeans!
7th Mar 2007: New video for The Creepshow's "Zombies Ate Her Brain"!
7th Mar 2007: THE HYPERJAX - Brand new album
7th Mar 2007: Last concert of Nigel Lewis and the Zorchmen?
4th Mar 2007: New song of Nekromantix
4th Mar 2007: Listen to one song of the new Tiger Army album
25th Feb 2007: MadDogCols's back! Check out 2 new songs
9th Feb 2007: Tip: Triple Dynamite - Elvis in Wonderland
9th Feb 2007: A cardboard box upright bass?
9th Feb 2007: Vote Psycho Charger!
7th Feb 2007: New video of Hillbilly Moon Explosion
31st Jan 2007: Nekromantix on tour!
11th Jan 2007: The Creepshow European tour 2007!
9th Jan 2007: Shameless promotion for King Khan & BBQ Show; go see that band!
7th Jan 2007: This is our music DVD out soon!
7th Jan 2007: Tiger Army European tour 2007 and new album this year
1st Jan 2007: Happy 2007!
11th Dec 2006: Tribute to Wampas
1st Dec 2006: New Meteors shows (Spain, Portugal, UK, Germany)
23rd Nov 2006: Mad Dog Cole (ex Krewmen) update
10th Nov 2006: Krewmen update!
7th Nov 2006: New album: Miniskirt Blues
6th Nov 2006: Pictures of the Quakes in Amsterdam 2006
24th Oct 2006: Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz are back with a new CD and Tour!
24th Oct 2006: Will there be a Krewmen reunion?
21st Oct 2006: 50 ft Combo call it quits....
18th Oct 2006: Free festival? See the Milwaukee Wildmen and 3 other Belgium bands for free!
17th Oct 2006: Now on DVD: Voodoo Rhythm the gospel of primitive rock n roll
16th Oct 2006: Fighting spam
16th Oct 2006: Now out through Nervous records: Hillbilly Moon Explosion!
15th Oct 2006: Meteors on tour!
10th Oct 2006: New Deadcats album!
3rd Oct 2006: R.I.P. Jason Blood of the Demon City Wreckers
11th Sep 2006: Boozehounds New Release!
28th Aug 2006: Help The Termites create a video and be a part of it too!
28th Aug 2006: Nightbreed debut album
15th Aug 2006: New DVD: The Speedfreaks Ball 2005
15th Aug 2006: What is he doing now? Thomas of the Godless Wicked Creeps...
15th Aug 2006: New album: The Massacres: Season of the Scarecrow
7th Aug 2006: Cramps in Napa State hospital
6th Aug 2006: New venue for Dutch Festival with Batmobile, Powerdog and 69 Beavershot
6th Aug 2006: The Nailers on You Tube
6th Aug 2006: New album of Three Blue Teardrops
27th Jul 2006: Banane Metalik going to Japan!
4th Jul 2006: New review: Go Cat Go, tribute to the Stray Cats
3rd Jul 2006: Lonesome Kings New Album!
30th Jun 2006: Cramps 2006 European Tour Dates
26th Jun 2006: Nico bassplayer of the Elektraws and Hellbats shot dead.
24th Jun 2006: Memphis Morticians new release!
14th Jun 2006: Out on Wolverine Records: Thee Exit Wounds: Bad Day
14th Jun 2006: Barnyard Ballers and Bad Reputation on tour in Europe
14th Jun 2006: Starlite Wranglers on tour!
14th Jun 2006: First Gutter Demons European tour!
13th Jun 2006: New releases from Nervous records: Radiacs, Wild Turkey and Morrissey's Sidemen.
13th Jun 2006: Reminder: D-Day this weekend in Amsterdam Rock'n'roll party!
12th Jun 2006: The Defectors with a new US release and on on Detroit (and online) radio.
1st Jun 2006: Fundraiser for Kayla June 10th, LA with The The Rocketz
31st May 2006: Meteors US + EUR tour 2006 (updated)
27th May 2006: The Legendary Shack Shakers 26-5-2006, Melkweg Amsterdam
26th May 2006: New album for Astro Zombies and a new tour!
24th May 2006: Nekromantix have a new drummer.
19th May 2006: Sunny Domestozs on tour with a new EP since 18 years!
19th May 2006: Cenobites new drummer

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