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Here's the news archive of 2008 until 2001.

30th Oct 2008: Silvershine tourdates 2008!
27th Oct 2008: ES-FEIV back together?
27th Oct 2008: New website for Batmobile: batmobileforever.com
27th Oct 2008: Last show of Asmodeus
27th Oct 2008: The Hyperjax have a new album: The Wildest Card
10th Oct 2008: Banane Metalik on tour!
6th Sep 2008: New album: Creepshow - Run for life
5th Sep 2008: The Silver Shine on tour!
28th Aug 2008: Horrorpops on tour 2008!
23rd Aug 2008: The White Barons with new album
6th Aug 2008: Johnny Nightmare new drummer
6th Aug 2008: Asmodeus new album
27th Jun 2008: The Henchmen on tour!
27th Jun 2008: Phantom Rockers on tour!
25th Jun 2008: RIP Stephan Braus (Scum Rats)
25th Jun 2008: Hootenanny 2008 with Mike Ness and Tiger Army
22nd Jun 2008: Russian book about psychobillt written by singer of Scary B.O.O.M.
18th Jun 2008: The Meteors in Eindhoven friday 13th June 2008
18th Jun 2008: New album of The Hormonauts!
17th Jun 2008: Video of Milwaukee Wildmen - Get in the pit
17th Jun 2008: New guitarist for the Legendary Shack Shakers
16th Jun 2008: New Batmobile live album
16th Jun 2008: Out on Crazy Love Records: Johnny Nightmare (Ex Godless Wicked Creeps)
13th Jun 2008: The Meteors news!
16th Apr 2008: Powersolo Kat Nazer
16th Apr 2008: New exclusive 7 inch of the Grave Stompers
16th Apr 2008: Exclusive Reverend Horton Heat tops!
15th Apr 2008: The Wrench Issue 5
13th Apr 2008: Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz Upcoming European/US West Coast Tour
9th Apr 2008: Powersolo news and a tour!
7th Apr 2008: New Rochee and the Sarnos album: The Golden Dawn
29th Mar 2008: New Peacocks album: Gimme More
29th Mar 2008: P.Paul Fenech new album: Skitzofenech
29th Mar 2008: Bamboula on tour!
14th Mar 2008: The Silver Shine on tour!
12th Mar 2008: Finally Stray Cats dates!
9th Mar 2008: The Quakes in the UK since 1994!
9th Mar 2008: Hormonauts Italian tour
7th Mar 2008: Punkats from Spain are on tour!
2nd Mar 2008: Tiger Army on tour in Australia and Japan
2nd Mar 2008: Demented are Go on tour!
25th Feb 2008: New album of Stressor (Russia) called Burn Out
17th Feb 2008: Stray Cats on tour again!
29th Jan 2008: new split single Heavy Trash & Powersolo
29th Jan 2008: European release: Psychocharger - curse of the psycho
25th Jan 2008: Cardboard bass in Bass Player Magazine
25th Jan 2008: New issue of the Wrench magazine
18th Jan 2008: Horrorpops perform live on "Dave Navarro's Spread"
16th Jan 2008: Kresge Returns to Tiger Army
29th Dec 2007: The Meteors US tour 2008
23rd Dec 2007: New album of Reverend Beat-Man (singer of the Monsters)
11th Dec 2007: Ceneboites with a new line-up a new album and a tour
11th Dec 2007: Griswalds news
9th Dec 2007: Batmobile flyers
9th Dec 2007: New album of the Horrorpops: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
14th Nov 2007: Nekromantix new guitar player
2nd Nov 2007: New DVD of Punkats
2nd Nov 2007: New album: Tight Fitting Pants - Love Sucks
2nd Nov 2007: Movie featuring JD WIlkes of Legendary Shack Shakers
2nd Nov 2007: Horrorpops on tour with Danzig
2nd Nov 2007: On tour: Nekromantix, Koffin Kats, Chop tops
17th Oct 2007: New Mad Sin album
17th Oct 2007: Creepshow will now have a new singer fulltime
16th Oct 2007: Enjoy the web together with Bemba!
10th Oct 2007: Mad Sin Australian Tour POSTPONED!
5th Oct 2007: Psychobilly and wrecking according to Fox news
4th Oct 2007: Slim Jim Phantom trio (+members of Restless and Caravans) on tour 2008
2nd Oct 2007: Calella Psychobilly Meeting Now Is Moving To Pineda De Mar!
2nd Oct 2007: Klingonz tour and CD release!
1st Oct 2007: Mad Marge & The Stonecuters
1st Oct 2007: Powersolo on tour in the US in November
30th Sep 2007: Psycho Charger "Curse of the psycho" released in Europe
25th Sep 2007: New album of Komety
25th Sep 2007: New Album of the Death Valley Surfers
21st Sep 2007: Peacocks Canadian tour 2007
20th Sep 2007: Frenzy celebrating their 25th anniversary!
20th Sep 2007: Nekromantix video of Horny in a Hearse
18th Sep 2007: Now on wreckingpit.com: The Bodybags
17th Sep 2007: The Creepshow on tour in Europe 2007
12th Sep 2007: Powersolo US tour 2007
11th Sep 2007: Check out Guitar Slingers (Doyley of the Klingonz)
3rd Sep 2007: New Legendary Shack Shakers album
3rd Sep 2007: New release: Krewmen (Klassic tracks lp)
29th Aug 2007: And another ex Krewmen member with a new band!
28th Aug 2007: Loosenoose, Mark Harman's (Restless) new band!
27th Aug 2007: Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz - West Coast 2007
26th Aug 2007: Mad Dog Cole new album on Crazy Love Records
26th Aug 2007: Powersolo news
19th Aug 2007: Tiger Army on tour in the US 2007
18th Aug 2007: Legendary Shack Shakers on tour!
15th Aug 2007: The confirmed tourdates of the Quakes 2007
15th Aug 2007: Upload your flyers on wreckingpit.com
11th Aug 2007: Buy the piano of Elvis Presley
11th Aug 2007: Reverend Horton Heat project
11th Aug 2007: Nekromantix FAQ
9th Aug 2007: The Reverend Horton Heat with a lot of shows coming up in 2007!
9th Aug 2007: Horrorpops on tour!
9th Aug 2007: Koffin Kats tour
9th Aug 2007: New band of ex Godless Wicked Creeps member

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