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Here's the latest news! If you have news for wreckingp.com you can send me an email (roy at wreckingpit dot com) or pm one of the moderators of the news section of the forum.

BANANE METALIK New album & discrography reissue CD &
20th Nov 2015

Death Valley Surfers UK tour with Theatre of Hate
7th Nov 2014

The Dog's Bollocks!
22nd Apr 2014

The Silver Shine and Rocketz on tour!
26th Sep 2013

Taster video for Tall Boys first studio album
17th Jul 2013

The Doppelgängers New Album - Bad, Bad Man
23rd Jun 2013

Another tragedy in the Rocking world
9th Jun 2013

The Silver Shine / Graveyard Johnnys Split 10Inch
26th May 2013

New album of the Brains - The Monster within
6th May 2013

New Dax Dragster project: Hopeless Chicken Freaks
6th May 2013

Bombat Belus debut is out, first Polish psychobilly 7"
1st May 2013

Kryptonix and muscle cars!
22nd Apr 2013

Dog Eat Robot Fanzine
22nd Apr 2013

The Ukrabilly Bang (2012) Official Music Video - online now!
19th Mar 2013

Dillberriezz - Between the Space & Hell - new single onl
10th Mar 2013

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion European Tour 2013
29th Jan 2013

Have great rockin' and rollin' 2013!
1st Jan 2013

Godless Wicked Creeps Tribute Album
6th Nov 2012

Mad Dog Cole's new album: Son Of Satan
31st Oct 2012

Banditoz Band - free single now & upcoming album soon!
2nd Oct 2012

Doing the Lords Work
11th Sep 2012

Outer Space released debut video 'Mrii'
10th Sep 2012

Frantic Flintstones US Tour Postponed
22nd Aug 2012

The P.O.X. New CD/LP coming Mid September!
10th Aug 2012

Psychobilly beer: Cerveja Diabólica 666%
20th May 2012

Es-Feiv Facebook page
20th May 2012

Los Gatos Locos close the curtains
15th May 2012

Frantic Flintstones on tour 2012
14th May 2012

Ukrainain psychos Poison Bar relased debut album
11th May 2012

Ukrabilly Bang #7 Official Music Video - online now!
25th Apr 2012

Stressor - Trip to Mad City album and more news!
31st Mar 2012

Mad Sin cancels Dutch tourdates
20th Mar 2012

The Brains on tour in Europe 2012
9th Mar 2012

Ati Edge (The silver shine) brings out a solo project!
20th Feb 2012

Psychobilly Meeting Pineda de Mar 2012 20 ANIVERSARY
15th Feb 2012

Film about Sparky (Demented Are Go) - the Bloodsong
9th Feb 2012

Thee Wicked Creeps (ex Godless Wicked Creeps)
9th Feb 2012

The Sharks - new album!
6th Feb 2012

Two new Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgängers songs!
6th Feb 2012

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There's also a news archive of 2008 - 2001.


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