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On 22, 25 and 27 july 1997 Mtv aired an item about Psychobilly in the program Stylissimo. Mtv had made recordings on april 19 1997 at a festival in Den Bosch. At this festival the Cenobites, the Lovesteaks, the Highliners and Demented are Go performed. The item of Mtv is very short and fast, but gives a good impression of a Psychobilly festival.

I made a quicktime movie of the whole item, but it's 33 Mb. Fortunate at the moment I have a lot of discspace so You can download the whole move by clickin here. Be sure to have the latest version of quicktime to view this movie otherwise you won't hear sound.

For those of you that can't or won't download a movie 33 MB I made an impression of the whole thing in screenshots.

The item starts with Bjorn from Germany (who's in the band called Chibuku) who stated that 'Psychobilly is really just crazy rock'n'roll'.

Then there's a few lines of members from the Cenobites. We get a quick flash of Tina after this.

and from Pascal. He's from Mons and always goes to all the festivals in Holland. He's without any doubt the biggest psycho from France.

A short interview with Demented are go follows and Ant states that 'Rockabilly is just really retro, with fifties and all that stuff, and we're nineties'. 'It's a pretty underground scene, there's not many people who know about it, which is kinda nice'. We see a short shot of the Highliners on stage performing Henry the Wasp.

And then it's me, I explain that I made the Psychobilly website to inform psychobillies about concerts and information about bands and events to keep the scene alive.

They show a few shots of my homepage including the opening page, the gallery, the tattoo section, a shot from the logo of the Psychonauts (Yes Jim you're famous now in Europe) and the list of bands. They even show my wreckingpit.com URL!

There's a quick shot of the always decent and sober mister Pike. (Too bad that they didn't aired the part in which he said that he's a huge Carl Perkins fan). Then Highliners and Demented talk about the clothes that the people wear.

We see some famous germans...

Stretch says that people think that Psychobillies are so aggressive but he thinks that 'sometimes they are the nicest people in town'.

After that we see a shot of Peter from the cenobites saying 'hi to my beloved mom'. Stretch ends with 'we're not aggressive, when they see us, it's just an excuse to have fun'.

Here we see a shot of the already famous kiss of Simona.com. She hopes that with Mtv psychobilly is even going to get bigger!'

Well that was the item, short but powefull! Hope you liked it.

As a reward for all this promotion from Mtv, I promiss not to play the song 'Mtv get off the air' from the Dead Kennedy's for at least a week! Hurray for Yvette!


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