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Tiger Army - Incorporeal

I?m dead!
I died long ago but my spirit still roams (Incorporeal)
Unwanted in heaven, forgotten in hell as on earth (Incorporeal)
I don?t want to stay here, it seams that I?ll never be free
Oh can you hear me? (no)

And so!
It has come to be that I must wander forever (Incorporeal)
Many things I have seen, empires that rise and then fall (Incorporeal)
A life you live long is simply a moment to me
A tiny drop of water in the sea of eternity...

There?s no place for me everywhere that I go
Only seems to bring upset and harm
There?s one thing that I want and one thing only
Release into the great beyond
Don?t want to remember when I was alive
When I held my true love in my arms
For like you I once was, and like me you shall be

When you!
Feel a chill in the night, perhaps it?s me saying hello (Incorporeal)
You?re so much like my love though she lived in a long ago time (Incorporeal)
I long to see her the day when my soul?s laid to rest
The peace that I can not find in life, I can find in death


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