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Krewmen, The - Let Loose

Well, people might say I'm look kinda freak
Take a look at them, watch their legs turn weak
So, I killed a few and I don't really care
They got in my way, they shouldn't been there
Well, I've paid for my crimes, got no excuse
I think I'm cursed, 'cause I'm let loose

20 years of hate inside my head
I said, wrong me once and you'll be dead
I don't need a reason, I kill for fun
Cut out your heart and watch that blood run
Don't try to hide, there ain't no use
I'm havin fun, 'cause I'm let loose

Let loose, boys!

My minds on fire, I'm burning with a rage
I don't care if they're young, I don't care about their age
You can run if you like, it'd just be in vein
Crack open your skull and take a look at your brain
Won't try to hide, they'd give me the noose
I think I'm cursed, 'cause I'm let loose.

(p) Momentus Music Ltd. (p) 1987.


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