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Griswalds - Psycho Tendencies

It started when you left me all alone
I looked up, you had gone
Knees a tremblin', body weak
Sweat poured out, I could hardley speak
Up outside, moon is bright
I knew you'd cause a change in me tonight
Blood thirsty streak to please
Now I've got Psycho Tendencies

I've got Psycho Tendencies
Psycho, Psycho Tendencies
There ain't a thing that could worry me
Now I got Psycho Tendencies

I take a walk in the moonlit night
See me now, you'll see a site
Big black veins and blood shot eyes
See me now, blood pressurise

I take a walk down to the park
Look around, you'll see my mark
Bodies lying all about
All I can do is scream and shout

Repeat 1 & 2

Just like a monster in a horror show
Nothing I can do, just gotta go
No Silver Bullet can stop me now
Or a cross with a heavenly vowe

Just blood and guts to turn me on
The human kindness in me has gone
See me coming you'd better flee
I've got Psycho Tendencies

Raucous Music/Nervous Publishing (p) 1987


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