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Voodoo Monkeys, The - Stomp to the Beat

Get into the next street of your life
Get away from the trouble and the strife
Its about time to roll the dice
Surfabilly music cuts through like a knife

Stomp to the beat
Move ya goddam feet
Voodoo Monkeys gonna rock yas all tonite

We?ll show you how its done round here
Gotta plenty of time to drink that beer
Were not just any other band
Were gonna make you understand

Just when you move on in life
Theres others all around
Make your trip fun while it lasts
We know you understand
If you dont believe us
Well show you that its true
Were gotta rock & roll the living
daylights outta you!

Were comin at ya with a new sound
Nothin like it can be found
Rock it hard rock it fast
Play it with a neutron blast

Voodoo Monkey gonna rock yas all tonite


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