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Voodoo Monkeys, The - Battle of manly

It was the summer Of nineteen sixty-four
It was the year For the rocker-and-surfie war
His woman turned Into a freaked-out surfie girl
And no longer his hotrod was The best, the fastest, the coolest, the baddest in
the world

So he got the boys down from the milk bar
They rumbled down the road real fast theyre gonna get far
Down to Manly beach but it wouldnt last
Those surfies could not forget...Forget the past

No sandcastles and no kids Were left around
They?d all gone home Locked up safe and sound
Wait till the surfies Til they stomp back
The rumble?s on And now its all out, its all out, its all out attack

And now he?s here Here in 1999
Its gone full-circle Around a few times
He?s still got his bike He?s still a rocker
But he?s now too A malibu a malibu a malibu motherfucker

Now so if you understand Don?t be a shocker
Know rocker is surfie And surfie is rocker
Wreck to the twang Stomp to the sound
Now lets get down to it And kick it, kick it, kick it all around


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