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Sharks, The - Sir Psycho

words & music by Alan Wilson

published by Department X publishing

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth
and he lived in a mansion house
Broke the rules at public school
and got himself kicked out
Mum and Dad, well they went mad
at the son and heir to all they had

He started stayin' out late at night
and within a short while
His family were appalled to see
him dressing Psycho-style
With an education like he had
still little Johnny turned out bad

Sir Psycho, Sir Psycho
Mummy and Daddy just couldn't see
why he turned his back on the aristocracy

Because of his posh voice
his mates all called him Sir Psycho
and late at night his stereo
played Demented Are Go
Mum and Dad have had enough
they don't wanna hear this Psycho stuff!

One day he was told off
because his room was a disgrace
Sir Psycho he just packed his bags
and laughed in Daddy's face
Little Johnny aint comin' back
he's happy in his council flat


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