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Sharks, The - Death Row

words and music by Alan Wilson

published by Nervous publishing

As the day breaks through the window
and the defiant bars stand strong
All is quiet on the Death Row
we all know it won't be long

The wardens keep us waiting
They torment us as long as they dare
We all wonder who is the next one
to be dragged down to the chair

We're on the Death Row
We're paying for our crimes
We're on the Death Row
They're gonna blow our minds
We're on the Death Row
It makes me sick sometimes
Society won't tolerate me

That's why I'm sitting in a prison cell
'cause I done something real bad
But I wish they'd come and get me
'cause the suspense just drives me mad

And I'm thinking whilst I'm waiting
'Shit, I hope they don't shave my hair
'Cause I wanna see it stand up straight
when they strap me to that chair'

Then I hear footsteps outside
and the man in black walks in
All is quiet on the Death Row
as the light bulbs all glow dim


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