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Lucky Devils - Tigerman

Written by: P. NOWAK

1-Well listen everybody to the story of this boy
Who really made me think of an evil animal
He?s tall and as slim as a cat, and hairy as a bear
And he wears big black sideboards with really greasy hair

R-He goes out at night
Just looking for a fight
He?s a Tigerman

2-A big ring in his big nose just like a raging bull
And when he sniffs his coca?ne, then he starts being cruel
His pretty little girlfriend, he fiercely watches her
And with his throaty big voice, he always shouts at her

3-Yeah he is really scary when he is passin? by
For sure he?s a rebel, you?ll never hear him sigh
Yeah but he surely?s got a heart, like all these rockin? guys
But you?ll never know it : rockers never cries


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