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Lucky Devils - To Hell

Written by: P.Nowak

1-You?re wearing those blue jeans with chains on the side,
You?re tattooed and pierced, your hear-ring is your pride,
You?ve got that strange haircut since you was a child,
You really look evil, you really look wild,
You?ll go to hell.
You don?t look at all like good people and that?s why you?ll go to hell.

2- Yeah you?re cheatin?up girls morning noon and night,
So you?ve got a girl in every part of town,
You don?t love them you?re just-a-screwin?around,
You don?t wanna get married, don?t wanna have no child,
You?ll go to hell.
You have never heard about steady girls and that?s why you?ll go to hell.


3-You?re drinking and-a-smocking and-a-fightin?all the time,
You don?t care ?bout TV, you?re always with your pals,
You spend all your money?cause you?re playin?around,
You?re goin?too fast when you drive or when you ride,
You?ll go to hell.
You don?t live your life like other guys and that?s why you?ll go to hell


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